"The Introvert's Guide to Traveling Italy" was a combination of my love of Italy but my hesitation to be in new, unfamiliar places. However, we should celebrate those differences, and I aim to make this a full-fledged project: one where I make new cultures and people more approachable, especially for the socially anxious and the ones that do better on their own. The exhibit was hands-on to create a safe space to learn, and showcases four miniature chapters takings viewers through four different areas of Italy.

The exhibit was meant to mimic the the classic grandeur associated with Roman art. There were Roman column book stands, miniature busts modeled by me to match ideals of classical Senators, and white to offset the colors carefully picked to represent different areas of Italy, to draw more attention to the delicate lines and watercolor washes I love so dearly.

Every place had its own map, bookstand, and miniature guide that highlighted areas that are great ways for introverts to experience the city.

After learning a bit more about the places, every guest was invited to put a sticker on a large map of Italy, asking them to tell where they would want to visit! In the end, there were almost 30 stickers all over the map.

The typefaces used in the book layout concept were Bodoni Bold (a typeface developed centuries ago by a  famous Italian type setter), and Futura, a variation on transit signs in metropolitan areas of Italy. These are also two of the five typefaces acclaimed Italian graphic designer Massimo Vignelli used on all of his projects.

Every city had a variation on this endpaper, based on each individual city's color scheme. 

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