The first stop on my tour of Italy was Milan, a city known for its fashion, design, and food. It is a beautiful place reminiscent of Paris, and if you're there for anything other than fashion, it's such a peaceful place to be an introvert.

A map of Milan's most recognizable tourist attractions.

A small interior illustration of Bellagio on Lake Como.

A sample layout of a spread highlighting famously designed objects in Milan.                                              Milan is famous for its designs!

Leonardo da Vinci did most of his work in Milan, and many of his original sketches are displayed around the city, The Ambrosian Library is one of the quietest locations in Milan, and has tons of pages of the Codex Atlanticus, his most famous "sketchbook."

The Last Supper is one of Milan's most famous tourist attractions.

The endpaper for Milan, using colors found in Bellagio and Lake Como, saffron dishes local to the region, and the sleek designs.

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