Rome, the capital of Italy, also has the small country of the Vatican in the middle of it, the capital of the Catholic Church. If you go to Rome, you're probably there to see a lot of the old Roman Empire ruins, and to see what treasures the vast Vatican museums hold. Rome is built on thousands of years of culture, and it is somewhere I highly recommend.

Rome is split down the middle by the Tiber River. The Vatican is on one side, and many of the ruins are on the other. Luckily, a lot of the sites are out in the open as well!

The Vatican feels big and scary because there's a ton of people in it. It's actually pretty straightforward, but still difficult for the socially anxious to navigate. 

The Sistine Chapel is what many consider the highlight of the Vatican. It's really overwhelming. Find a spot on the edges, and stay away from the middle!

Saint Peter's Basilica is a must see! You just have to get over the big line to get in.

Purple for the Roman Empire, red for the importance of the color in Christianity, gold for the rich history, and gray for the ruins everywhere you work. The colors of Rome are stately and evoke the images of Rome.

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