Tuscany is probably my favorite area in Italy. I love how cozy the tiny Tuscan towns are, I love the diverse and rich history of all these little places, and I love the art! I had to reign in a lot of what I wanted to say since there was so much to talk about. 

Tuscany is a series of adorable towns, so there isn't one spot to visit, but many! The map for Tuscany was tricky because there were so many big sites to highlight because they're all so fantastic!

Siena's Duomo, or big central church, isn't as big as Florence's, but they wanted it bigger! It is, in my opinion, more impressive on the inside than the outside. Siena is the hotspot for Medieval Christian art, and Florence is the center of the Renaissance. 

If you go to Florence, you go to the Uffizi. You can't go to the heart of the Renaissance and not see art. However, I think the Uffizi is one of the most overwhelming experiences in the world. How do you navigate it without experiencing the fear of missing out?

A brief guide of highlights in the Uffizi, the biggest collection of famous Renaissance art in Florence.

Tuscany feels like being wrapped in a big, warm, cozy blanket.

The endpaper for Tuscany displays colors with Burnt Siena (a color that is unique to pottery in Siena), the lush greens and golds of the Tuscan hills, and the important colors in many symbolic works of art the area is famous for. Gold is especially important in Christian art!

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