The City of Venice is a wonder, but it is incredibly crowded and full of tourists! It's a crazy place to be an introvert. However, if you can stray from the main paths, Venice's charm and fame becomes evident with how quaint and magical the city itself is. 

The city of Venice is a marvel in and of itself. There are countless canals and pieces of history at every turn. No wonder it is so sought after as a tourist site! Unfortunately, that means that this must-see location is jam packed with tourists. How do you deal with it as an introvert?

You need to see Saint Mark's Cathedral if you go to Venice. It's incredible. Just make sure you hide in the corners to avoid the crowds.

Don't forget the other attractions in Venice, like the Doge's Palace around the corner from Saint Mark's!

The colors of Venice are gold for the Middle Eastern details, red for the flag, blue for the water and the lapis lazuli in mosaics, and green for the accents found all around the city.

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